About Us

About our Company 

Speed Up is a full-service engineering and consulting solutions firm. Our multi disciplined staff of more than 100 employees owners include engineers experts, planners, and technicians representing virtually all design disciplines 

Speed Up engineered products leverages the world class manufacturing capabilities of Speed Up engineering company and brings them closer to you. With our added ability to assist on the front end with product development, marketing, and sales, combined with our ability to manage the back end with assembly, testing and final product. 

We are truly your One Stop Shop for a Total single & double screw extruder Solution! 
We plan and manage facilities all over the world with one mission in mind.


The history of Speed Up engineering starts since1984 & was established in 1990. Speed Up engineering developed a lot of the PVC pipe industry. we earned the reputation in single screw extruder & specialized in twin screw extruder from the theory European twin screw technology.

Speed Up engineering introduced local twin screw extruder in 1998 for the first time in Pakistan. customer feel satisfaction on our double screw extruder & others accessories. We claim that our technology is Compatible to the European technology. We present extruder with maximum production capacity at reasonable price.

The Company gained greater autonomy to pursue new business opportunities from around the world. This encouraged a sharper focus on productivity, efficiency, quality and more value-added services for customers. Since then, our business has grown rapidly.

Speed Up engineering has the target to highlight the name "Pakistan" world wide

The Founder

Mr Muhammad Yaseen believes in constant struggle to get better and they best. He has no doubt the pioneer of local twin screw extruders and also an institute in himself and always ready to solve the problems regarding plastic pipe industry.

Over the years our strategy and objectives have been defined and influenced by the advent of the engineering technological advances, globalization of business increasingly shorter product life cycles for electronic devices and the never ending quest for efficiency in the supply chain.

Our commitment to delivering total customer satisfaction will be upheld by each and every member of the Speed Up team while maintaining uncompromising moral, ethical and quality standards in all our business dealings.

We would like to thank all of our customers, vendors, partners and our dedicated, hardworking team for our success now and into the future.

Team Work

We work in teams in our respective workplaces,we must possess the ability to work effectively with others.

Teams functioning in a cooperative environment generally out do individuals in terms of performance. Plus, working on a team provides its individual members with senses of belonging and personal achievement along with enhanced skill sets and greater motivation to perform. Various strategies exist to develop and improve team performance and team work, these include the handling of meetings, team building, and interpersonal conflicts.

Team work relates to the collective decision making processes that lead to goal oriented relationships formed between all participants. Generally, what is required from teams are the integration of work from the people involved, the generation of motives and solutions to the problem concentrated on, high involvement, team leadership and continuous encouragement.

Quality Policy

Laboratory Equipment

To examine the quality & durability of PVC pipe. WE offer testing equipment ofr precise & accurate result. We have kept international Standards during the preparation of these equipment in our preview. The Following are The Ests to be Perform in the Testing lab.

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  • 1. Impact Test
  • 2. Pressure Test At 20C
  • 3. Methlene Chloride Test
  • 4. Specific Gravity Test
  • 5. Fracture Toughness Test
  • 6. Opecity / Light Test
  • 7. Gracelene Bath Test
  • 8. Heat Reversion / oven Test